Consulting is a detailed study of client's requirements for office real estate object. Our company also gives professional opinion on the degree of objects compliance to these requirements, its reconstruction necessity or need to consider another object.


We create general concept of a new office where we fully determine our clients' needs of the client and challenges facing the project
We make preliminary cost and duration estimations
Our company creates technical assignments for design and construction works, and, if necessary, a set of tender documentation for choosing the contractor


Consultations are necessary for customers who have the list of special requirements for office premises and when not every office meets these requirements. BASIS experts attentively study our client's requirements

and choose suitable objects, they also make a detailed technical and economic report with a set of test planning solutions for objects including:


Object assessment according to the requirements and company's expected future development, the measurement plan, useful area estimation.


Audit of the existing planning solution, equipment and mechanical and electrical systems for cutting expenses during further implementation of the project.

After choosing the place together with the customer we carry out tests (Test-Fit). We approve the variant which will not just satisfy the current needs for resources and the engineering equipment, but also in the long term will remain optimal taking into account the future changes and the planned growth of the company.

As a result, the client gains an objective impression about opportunities of the chosen place, the estimated cost of its reconstruction and further operation.

If the client agrees with all estimations and specifications we go to a next stage of our work - project implementation.